starfield how to join crimson fleet

Joining the Crimson Fleet in the eagerly anticipated universe of Starfield not only positions you among the stars but also places you at the helm of thrilling space adventures. This guide provides a detailed path to becoming a part of one of the most intriguing factions in the game. Follow these steps to ensure your application to the Crimson Fleet stands out and secures you a spot among the stars.

Understanding the Crimson Fleet

Background and Influence

The Crimson Fleet, known for its formidable fleet of starships and dynamic role within Starfield’s galaxy, operates under a code of exploration and defense. They are custodians of peace and exploratory missions in outer space, making them a prominent choice for players seeking both action and adventure.

Mission and Ideals

Aligning with the Crimson Fleet means committing to their mission of protecting the galaxy’s interests and exploring uncharted territories. They value courage, strategic thinking, and a commitment to the collective safety of the universe.

Preparing to Join the Fleet

Skill Development

To increase your likelihood of acceptance, focus on enhancing your character’s skills in navigation, combat, and diplomacy. These are crucial for missions you’ll undertake as part of the fleet.

Enhance Your Reputation

Building a positive reputation with the Crimson Fleet involves completing missions that align with their goals and interacting positively with its members. This increases your visibility and favorability when you apply.

Application Process

Find the Fleet

First, locate the Crimson Fleet’s headquarters within Starfield’s vast universe. This is typically stationed on a major planet or a space station in a sector known for its strategic importance.

Engaging with Key Figures

Once you find their base, engage with key figures within the fleet. Completing tasks and showing your value through side missions are great ways to make a significant impression.

Formal Application

When you’re ready, you’ll need to approach the recruitment officer to submit your formal application. This process might involve proving your skills through a series of tests or missions designed to assess your compatibility with the fleet’s objectives.

Training and Integration

Initial Training

New recruits undergo a rigorous training program that includes simulations of typical missions, space combat tactics, and emergency protocols. Excelling in these training modules can fast-track your integration into the fleet.


New members often receive a mentor from among the senior officers. This mentorship is crucial for understanding the internal culture and operational protocols of the Crimson Fleet.

Life as a Member of the Crimson Fleet

Daily Duties

Members are expected to partake in regular patrols, exploration missions, and defense operations. These duties are essential to maintaining the fleet’s objectives and the safety of the galaxy.

Advancement Opportunities

Demonstrating skill, loyalty, and leadership can lead to rapid advancement within the fleet. High-performing members can ascend to command their own ship or lead significant missions.

Joining the Crimson Fleet in Starfield is an adventure that begins long before you ever step aboard a starship. It requires preparation, commitment, and a keen understanding of the fleet’s values and objectives. By following this guide, you can navigate your way through the application process and position yourself as a valuable candidate for this prestigious fleet. Prepare to take your place among the stars and make your mark in the galaxy!

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