How to Get Multiple Orders on DoorDash

Maximizing your efficiency as a DoorDash driver means delivering multiple orders in one trip. This guide provides practical tips and strategies to help you get multiple orders on DoorDash, optimize your delivery routes, and increase your earnings effectively.

Understanding DoorDash Orders

How DoorDash Assigns Orders

DoorDash assigns orders based on proximity and timing to ensure efficient delivery. Understanding this algorithm can help you strategize for multiple orders.

Benefits of Multiple Orders

  • Increased Earnings: Delivering multiple orders in one trip maximizes your hourly earnings.
  • Efficiency: Reduces downtime between deliveries and optimizes your delivery route.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Faster deliveries improve customer satisfaction and ratings.

Strategies to Get Multiple Orders on DoorDash

1. Optimize Your Schedule

Plan your shifts during peak times when demand is high, increasing the likelihood of receiving multiple orders.

2. Acceptance Rate

Maintain a high acceptance rate to receive more order offers, including multiple orders.

3. Efficient Routing

Plan your delivery routes efficiently to accommodate multiple orders while minimizing travel time and distance.

4. Communication

Communicate with customers promptly. Notify them if there are delays due to multiple orders to manage expectations.

Tips for Handling Multiple Orders

Time Management

Prioritize orders based on pickup times and delivery locations to meet DoorDash’s delivery windows.

Multi-App Usage

Consider using multiple delivery apps simultaneously to increase your order volume and earnings potential.

Safety and Quality

Ensure food safety and maintain delivery quality while handling multiple orders to uphold customer satisfaction.

Common Questions About Getting Multiple Orders on DoorDash

How does DoorDash prioritize multiple orders?

DoorDash uses an algorithm to assign orders based on driver proximity, delivery times, and customer satisfaction metrics.

Can you decline multiple orders on DoorDash?

Yes, you can decline multiple orders if they don’t fit your schedule or if you prefer not to handle multiple deliveries at once. However, maintaining a balance between acceptance and declination rates is crucial.

Do drivers earn more with multiple orders?

Yes, delivering multiple orders in one trip allows drivers to earn more per hour by reducing downtime between deliveries.


Mastering the art of getting multiple orders on DoorDash requires strategic planning, efficient routing, and effective time management. By implementing the strategies outlined in this guide, you can optimize your delivery efficiency, increase your earnings, and provide exceptional service to DoorDash customers.

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