How to Get Large Orders on DoorDash

DoorDash is a popular food delivery service that allows drivers, known as Dashers, to earn money by delivering food from local restaurants to customers. For Dashers, getting large orders can significantly increase earnings and make the delivery process more efficient. This guide will provide you with strategies to get large orders on DoorDash, helping you maximize your income and improve your delivery experience.

Understanding the Benefits of Large Orders

Large orders offer several advantages for Dashers:

  • Higher Earnings: Larger orders usually come with higher payouts due to the higher order value and potential for larger tips.
  • Increased Efficiency: Delivering a single large order can be more efficient than multiple small orders, saving time and effort.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Successfully delivering large orders can lead to higher customer satisfaction and better ratings.

Steps to Get Large Orders on DoorDash

Step 1: Choose High-Demand Areas

  1. Research Popular Zones: Use the DoorDash app to identify high-demand areas in your city. These areas are usually marked in red or pink on the map.
  2. Target Busy Times: Focus on delivering during peak hours, such as lunch and dinner times. High-demand periods often result in larger orders.
  3. Frequent Business Districts: Deliver in areas with a high concentration of offices and businesses, as they often place larger group orders.

Step 2: Maintain a High Acceptance Rate

  1. Accept Orders Promptly: Consistently accepting orders can improve your acceptance rate, making you eligible for larger, more lucrative orders.
  2. Avoid Selective Declining: While it’s important to avoid low-paying orders, excessively declining orders can hurt your acceptance rate and reduce your chances of receiving large orders.

Step 3: Provide Excellent Customer Service

  1. Communicate Effectively: Keep customers informed about the status of their order. Clear and prompt communication can enhance customer satisfaction.
  2. Handle Orders Carefully: Ensure that the food is delivered in good condition. Use insulated bags to keep the food at the right temperature.
  3. Be Professional: Dress neatly, be polite, and deliver with a smile. A positive demeanor can lead to better tips and repeat customers.

Step 4: Optimize Your Delivery Strategy

  1. Plan Your Routes: Use GPS and map apps to plan the most efficient routes. Avoid traffic and choose the fastest paths to the delivery destination.
  2. Batch Orders When Possible: If the app allows, accept multiple orders from the same restaurant going to nearby locations. This can increase your earnings and save time.
  3. Be Punctual: Timely deliveries are crucial for customer satisfaction and better ratings. Aim to deliver within the estimated time frame.

Step 5: Utilize DoorDash’s Features

  1. DashPass Orders: Look out for DashPass orders, as these customers are more likely to place large orders due to their subscription benefits.
  2. Peak Pay: Take advantage of Peak Pay promotions, which offer higher payouts during busy times. This can increase your chances of getting large orders.
  3. Hotspots: Focus on DoorDash Hotspots, which are areas identified by the app as having a high volume of orders. These areas often have larger orders.

Tips for Maximizing Earnings with Large Orders

Leverage Customer Tips

  1. Provide Exceptional Service: Going above and beyond in your service can lead to higher tips. Small gestures like confirming order details and delivering with a smile can make a big difference.
  2. Encourage Feedback: Politely ask satisfied customers to rate your service and leave positive feedback. Good ratings can lead to more opportunities for large orders.

Utilize Referral Programs

  1. Refer New Customers: DoorDash often has referral programs that reward you for bringing in new customers. This can boost your earnings.
  2. Refer New Dashers: Similarly, referring new Dashers can also provide bonuses and increase your overall income.

Stay Informed and Adapt

  1. Stay Updated: Keep an eye on DoorDash updates, promotions, and new features. Adapting to new changes can give you a competitive edge.
  2. Learn from Experience: Reflect on your deliveries and identify what worked well and what didn’t. Continuous improvement can lead to more efficient and profitable deliveries.

Common Questions About Getting Large Orders on DoorDash

How Can I Increase My Chances of Getting Large Orders?

Focus on high-demand areas, maintain a high acceptance rate, provide excellent customer service, and take advantage of DoorDash’s features like DashPass and Peak Pay. Consistency and professionalism are key.

Do Larger Orders Always Mean Higher Tips?

While larger orders often lead to higher tips, this is not guaranteed. Providing exceptional service can increase the likelihood of receiving better tips.

Can I Refuse Small Orders?

Yes, you can refuse small orders, but be mindful of your acceptance rate. A lower acceptance rate may reduce your chances of getting large orders in the future.

Is It Worth Delivering in Busy Areas?

Delivering in busy areas can be more challenging due to traffic and competition, but it often results in more orders and higher earnings. Balancing busy areas with efficient delivery routes is crucial.


Securing large orders on DoorDash can significantly enhance your earnings and delivery efficiency. By choosing high-demand areas, maintaining a high acceptance rate, providing excellent customer service, and utilizing DoorDash’s features, you can increase your chances of receiving large orders. Follow the tips and strategies outlined in this guide to maximize your income and deliver top-notch service on DoorDash.

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